Nothing will create a memorable wedding more than infusing it with the couple's personality.  Emmett  was raised on the Oregon Coast and met Suzanne as an undergrad student. Three years later, on a  chilly winters walk by Haystack Rock  he proposed   Crystalizing their wedding vision began with  identifing  the cornerstones of their story.
One of the first things to emerge was their passion for chocolate!
These two loved chocolate. Really really good chocolate.
In fact when Emmett proposed, he tucked the ring into a tiny gold Godiva box, next to a truffle! Weaving that detail into the reception was a must!
The chocolate menu was the hit of the reception. They release an intoxicating aroma and and deliver a stunning visual effect . Just before the first course, waiters in white gloves removed the menus and placed them in custom boxes then replace the box at each guest's place setting.
Empty Godiva truffle boxes allowed guests to take home some of the white chocolate seashells as a gift from the wedding couple. The centerpieces and the menus served dual purposes. They were decorative elements for the table and then were either eaten or went home with guests as highly sought after favors. And what went in the martini glasses you ask? The couples signature drink : Godiva White Chocolate Martinis
Another corner stone was Suzanne and Emmet's connection to the sea. Enlarge this image to see the detail of the edible white chocolate seashells atop and around the "Treasure Box " centerpieces. These exquisite centerpieces were created by Christina Yen of Yen for Chocolate from Valrhona Chocolate . At 10pm guests were invited to break open the boxes and enjoy a late night treat. The sugar rush had them dancing into the wee hours of the morning !


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